What Drives Us

About Apicella Auto Sound

Here at Apicella Auto Sound, we use our knowledge and experience of in-car acoustics & high-end mobile electronics. At the same time, we are using modern installation and fabrication techniques to create unrivaled audiophile-oriented mobile audio sound systems, radar & laser countermeasure systems, and more. Whether it’s seamlessly integrated or enhancing and unique, we are confident that your car will sound better, function better, and be styled better than you could have ever imagined. Don’t think audiophile-quality playback is possible in a car or that a custom installed radar and laser system will detract from the look of your vehicle? Contact us to schedule an appointment for a demo.

Mobile Accessory Specialist

We Can Handle It All

Whether its car audio systems, radar and laser defense systems, dash cameras, or anything else in the mobile electronics department, we get it done right the first time.

Expect A Higher Standard

We aren’t satisfied with being “just another audio shop”… We provide expert level installation and tuning in which you can SEE and HEAR the difference.

Custom Craftsman

Worried about how the various components will fit in your vehicle? We have the knowledge and experience to custom fabricate whatever is necessary to facilitate virtually any installation you can dream up, no matter if the result you are looking for is an OEM look or something wild.

Trusted Installers

Our expert technicians have a requirement to work with a high level of care and organization with our elevated degree of quality control. They can be trusted with anything from your everyday commuter car up to the most exotic and unique vehicles on the road today.

Unrivaled Knowledge

Apicella Auto Sound was founded and operated by a car enthusiast with a passion for car audio and other vehicle modifications. We can answer any questions you may have about modifying your vehicle to get the result you are looking for.